Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale!

P2T1 Don't Wanna Know from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

This is our final project of the year and its a music video! the main focus points are to lis

Title: Music Video Finale Label: GT Portfolio
I: Intro your team & explain how/why you chose the song
B: Describe storyline you created & how it relates to lyrics
C: Evaluate the degree this MV showcases your best work
Embedded VIMEO & 3 unique Behind The Scenes
Cite Musician & 2 minutes of the Song Lyrics used

My Teammates are Kaulia Shiroma, Moira Nagle and Ian Raquel. We chose this song because our team enjoyed it and it is school appropriate if you can show some of the lyrics in a different humorous way. It is also a mainstream pop culture song in my eyes. Our original plan was to roll with all star by smash mouth cause we had a funny way to show it but in the end two members of the team thought don't wanna know (the song of choice) would be better. But, we think that the story going on in the music video is a little relatable to people when or if they lose their phone.

The storyline of our music video has changed slightly compared to the brief explanation in the intro paragraph, instead of the main focus being a phone, now its a sketchbook instead. So the storyline goes with Moira losing her sketchbook and looking everywhere for it. it gets passed on to different people and then she doesn't find it in the end. The last scene is them discussing how it feels to lose something special.  it relates to the lyrics of the song because she doesn't wanna know whats happening to it and is curious about the new owner if there is one and if

they're taking care of it the same way she did. She is also thinking of where it could be and checks only to be let down because its not there.

I think this project showcases most of my best work. I worked on the poster so I really tried to put in everything I learned in this class into one final poster. I combined elements I've picked up from Geometric Portraits, Poetic Personal Statement, Metamorphosis Animation and Movie Trailer Premier. So, this project is a summary of everything we've done in photoshop from my perspective. In filming it takes the skills I've learned and what to do and not to do from the movie trailer. In photoshop it uses the masking and layer effects I learned from Poetic Personal Statement. I've learned to plan and storyboard films from Metamorphosis Animation and Movie Trailer Premier.

Artist: Maroon 5
Song: Don't Wanna Know
Lyrics we used:
I don't wanna know, know, know, know 
Who's taking you home, home, home, home
I'm loving you so, so, so, so
The way I used to love you, no

I don't wanna know, know, know, know 
Who's taking you home, home, home, home
I'm loving you so, so, so, so

The way I used to love you, oh
I don't wanna know

Wasted (wasted)
And the more I drink the more I think about you

Oh no, no, I can't take it Baby every place I go reminds me of you
Do you think of me? Of what we used to be? Is it better now that I'm not around?

My friends are actin' strange They don't bring up your name
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?

I don't wanna know, know, know, know

Who's taking you home, home, home, home
I'm loving you so, so, so, so

The way I used to love you, no 
I don't wanna know, know, know, know 
Who's taking you home, home, home, home

I'm loving you so, so, so, so
The way I used to love you, oh
I don't wanna know

And I every time I go out, yeah
I hear it from this one, I hear it from that one Glad you got someone new

Yeah, I see but I don't believe it
Even in my head you're still in my bed
Maybe I'm just a fool

Do you think of me?
Of what we used to be?
Is it better now that I'm not around?

My friends are acting strange
They don't bring up your name 
Are you happy now?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Goal: Plan & produce a 90-120 second fictitious movie trailer that captivates your audience without giving away the ending. Commit to a dramatic voice actor who can vibrantly hint at why your movie is a critically acclaimed “Must See”. Include an original movie poster and provide your audience with the highest level of production value so their eyes & ears stay glued to the screen! This movie trailer project involves creating a one and a half to two minute trailer based off of a false movie and leaving it off on a cliffhanger. We must have a emotional voice actor who can show why your movie is a absolute "Must See." We must also have an authentic movie poster and provide the highest value of production so we keep the attention of our audience. To contribute to my team consisting of Josiah Nelson, Ian Raquel and Eve Ohai, I helped finalize the script and was originally doing the sketch until we redid it and had Ian do it. I helped to describe the settings and characters and did the first part of our storyboard. I am the VA (the narrator) in our film too and am also doing the final poster is photoshop.

Our biggest challenges were in filming because it took a lot of takes when we were doing so. But the hardest part of filming had to be shooting at night. Filming at night was hard because we had to keep the fire going but that didn't work out so well so we tried to use lights but that looked unrealistic but we were getting tired of trying to go for this so we ultimately went with the flashlights which now look a bit OK but it still can be better. our greatest successes had to be in the posters and editing because they've been going smoothly and look really good. Another big success was meeting up because everyone was communicating and checking consistently to see if this meeting was going to happen and none of our meetings so far have been unsuccessful.

I think that on our critique we did good and I agree on our results because in the requirements section we kind of just did an ad lib on our script and didn't 100% follow what we said we were gonna do and went with what would work, especially on our night time scenes.  Also, we weren't that authentic in a sense that our movie was unique and never seen before, at least involving the style of movies that we blended together, I believe that our story was semi understandable but could've gone smoother. What I learned is that it is hard to capture night shpts when you only want to use natural lighting. I also learned that it is kinda difficult to make a movie involving a stranded island when you don't have the studio and resources to really make it professional (running on a free use what you have with you to make a good movie trailer budget.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Hi there! Here are the three main focuses of what this blog post is mainly about
-To describe the goal of our project in our own words
-To explain our scenes and shots
-And reflect on our results
Hope you enjoy the animation!!!

In the project goal we are to present our two best focuses on a metamorphosis animation. We created teams of three to four students and developed focus statements about the change of a characters appearance, personality, character, etc. After getting our statements approved we will create a slideshow presentation describing the two best statements we came up with. After we will finish our production plan and storyboard, then create our animation. In our animation we  can use different types of animation such as flip book, whiteboard, PhotoShop, a freeware software called Stykz, etc

In our animation, the main focus statement of the project for my team is 'Fish Explores Ocean', we crafted this focus statement using the Noun Verb Noun format the teacher gave us to work with. The plot of the story involves the main character Dave, a curious fish who is looking for more to life then just the shallow waters, and his struggles before he can find that "more." In the animation there are five scenes total, at least in the storyboard plan we have, The first and second scene explains the beginning of the story where Dave is swimming in the shallows and while swimming he notices that the water level is decreasing. Dave gazes out into the open water and is curious as to what else the ocean can offer him besides the shallow reef, he begins to swim down into the deeper water but it is too scared to go down because of the predators that lurk down in the depths of the sea. In scenes 3 and 4 Dave realizes that he is willing to swim down there because of how curious he is of the ocean and what it can offer, as scene 4 rolls in Dave swims right through the predators and continues swimming down into the deep. Dave is shocked to see that his scales are slowly cracking off of his body and he is transforming into a thing that is unknown to his kind/world which in our case is a submarine. In the final scene, scene 5 it has dave bursting into a submarine whilst he is swimming, when he first becomes a submarine, he is struggling to control his new form at first, but he begins to understand how to swim in the depths as the predators guide him, now with his new form Dave can freely explore the ocean and its depths.

To reflect our results, I believe our team did really good for what happened in the final week in the 8 week long production period that we had to work with. I was out for the last week because I was sick but I won't go in to detail on that. to shortly state what happened is I needed to get my animation exported but I couldn't because it wouldn't allow me to because it is a old version of the software, so my team leader redid my scenes and I cant thank him enough for his efforts to do that, and not only did he do it but to be honest it came out a lot better than my take on the scene. In our critique we scored a 3.5 out of 4 based on the class poll we took on I believe we were very strong went it came to the characters and the background. What we could've improved on is audio because the music kind of overpowers the voice of our protagonist but we aren't professionals working with state of the art tech. I think we did fine and it turned out well despite the issue that came along in the weeks of production but the end of this project has come, and it is time to move to the next!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

There are some facial expressions that are universally known but not all of them are. Our facial expressions are not learned in a culture, they are given to us. We use facial expressions to represent strong feelings like happiness, sadness, fear, and contempt. I am leaning to the side of facial expressions being universal because we all have facial expressions, people may not always smile when they're happy but the majority of people do. We all have facial expressions that are widely known to the vast majority of people and so I do believe that facial expressions are universal.

This is how I created my project step by step, First, we took a picture in photo booth and made sure it was a portrait photo (showing only our head and top of our shoulders.) After we put the picture in photoshop, we tried to make the picture have an equal amount of grid squares in each side. Once that was done we watched a tutorial on how tog do this low poly project When the tutorial was over we went on to our photoshop document and outlined all our key face features (eyes, lips, hair, skin, head, eyebrows, nose) with a 5 px bright red line tool. once we got all of our face outlined we filled all the space with triangles of various shapes and sizes, when they were all done we merged all the layers into one. After, we copied our portrait and used the polygonal lasso tool to give the photo the low poly effect. Next, we copied the half of our face we did and flipped the image to the other side and made our outlines white.

The Poly-1 and Poly-2 files we created are both the same and completely different at the same time. In Poly-1 we created an outline for our polygons, on the other hand, for Poly-2 we did not use outlines so we saved a lot of time on our project. Poly-1 was more of a simplistic photo because we just used half of our face and copied it to the other side, for Poly-2 we used the top of the shoulders to the top of the head and everything in between. for filling in our triangles in poly 1, we used a filter-blur-average technique that averaged out the color in our faces, in Poly-2 we used a eyedropper alt-delete technique which filled in our selected triangles and allowed us to make custom colors that matched and blended well with its surroundings. These two projects were similar because I made a very choppy face with the triangles with quite the bit of breaks in lines on both of them. My lip area for both my low poly's look similar as well. For poly-1 there was no tweaking of the photo settings, but for poly 2 there was a lot of modification that went into my contrast and brightness levels because the lighting of my photo was quite dark and looked pixelated because of the darkness.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

I interact with nature by going on hikes in the mountains and enjoying the fresh water at The rivers, streams, oceans and waterfalls. I wake up to a beautiful sunrise on the horizon-line at the brink of dawn and I stare thinking of how wonderful nature is. I enjoy the moments I have in nature, hearing the birds, swimming and paddling in the rivers, taking time to gaze until the world around me is quiet and peaceful. But, nature is not always a beautiful thing, life has been made difficult with the storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, and more and has made people broken, in both financial and mental ways. The balances of nature are what make life great, but you & I are the ones responsible for keeping nature in balance

How we create Time-lapses is we take the videos/shots in real time and then we take them into Final Cut Pro X and use the re-time editor to speed them up to make a Time-lapse. For our Slow-Mo's, it is the same process except we slow the clips down instead of speeding them up, how we did this in Final Cut Pro X is the retime editor. The retime editor is a tool that allows you to speed up or slow down the clips you have. There are other ways people can create Time-lapses and Slow-Mo's besides taking them into an editing software, on mobile devices like an I-phone, there are camera settings that allow you to film in a Slow-Mo or Time-lapse mode.

To me, the hardest part of this whole retime nature film project is getting all of my clips taken and getting them onto my USB flash drive. This whole process was made difficult because I had a bunch of errors and did not quite get the shots I wanted like the camera being stable and getting 2/3 sky and 1/3 foreground. My favorite part of our retime nature project was getting to edit and record our poems. FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) is an amazing and powerful editing software to work with. Recording was one of my favorites because it was so weird just hearing a vacuum of no sound what-so-ever because of the sound booths we used.

Critique Reflection - I feel like I got this score and %100 agree with it because my music was quiet and unfitting, my Time-Lapse involved one of our worst case scenario clips which we took at school. I also feel like I got this score because it seemed like my poem did not follow a specific form and it looked like I was winging it. One last reason I feel like this score is because one of my videos did not meet the requirement of having 1/3 foreground and 2/3 sky.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

To me, poetry is a way of expression via a collection of descriptive words. The different types of poetry being lyrical, rhythmic, and rhyming all have a different way of expression. Poetry to me is like art, everyone gets to do things the way they want, and you really have to open your mind and get creative when writing poetry. It is also like art because it can make you feel emotions. Poetry is more than just words on a piece of paper; It is a work of art that has one’s emotion and heart poured into it. I think poems can be personal in many ways to a poet. Poems could be a way for the poet to really open up and express themselves other ways poems can be personal is that they can let the poet get away from the stresses of life and write their thoughts and emotions. It could be about the poet’s relationship with someone too. These are the motives for why I think poetry can be personal and a way to express someone's thoughts.

In life, I can go high and low, always dreaming of what I can achieve and where I will go,
I want to live with my passions and compassion, keeping friends close, family closer,
If I can succeed, getting everything I need in life, a job a house, maybe even a wife,
To achieve I need inspiration, motivation, sometimes a little desperation If I ever want to reach my destination, If you're looking for me, finding my hopes and dreams is where I'll be.

I used rhythm by finding different types of patterns until I found a pattern that I thought would be smooth and fitting. For the rhyming part of my poetic personal statement, I used as one of my sources, rhymezone was not commonly used, meaning I only used it as a last resort or when I met a roadblock. The main reason I used rhythm and rhyme is that it was needed for our assignment.